Pastor Mike Hurtado and his wife JoAnne Hurtado

Pastor Mike and his wife have been the guiding force holding this church together since about 2000. Together they tend to the spiritual and and counseling needs of the community. They have raised four children to responsible, Christian adults, and now are providing the necessary guidance to see all seven of their grandchildren follow in their children's footsteps. Saved in 1983, Pastor Mike hasn't looked back giving God all the glory for the life our Lord has blessed him with and leading many more to a life filled with the love of our savior Jesus Christ. Sister JoAnne facilitates youth church and your bible studies and counsels young women.

Pastor Mike and Sister JoAnne have started several churches in southern California all of which have continued to flourish, but following the Lord's calling, they returned to their childhood home and contine to be a true blessing to the local communities of Calipatria, Brawley and Niland.