Guest Speaker

August 27th:  Welcome a pastor whom has a rich history in Northridge, Ca. Please welcome Reggie Green Jr., his testimony and sermons are from the heart and not to be missed.
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July 9th: Pastor Hector Zendejas, originally from the Imperial Valley but following God's directon, he now lives in North Dakota. Pastor Hector brings with him the gift healing and spiritual insight into marriage.

January 14, 2018: Pastor Kevin Lamb and his wife Natalie , from Tempe Az, provides some in your face high power ministry. Healing and Salvation is what Pastor Kevin brings and brings it loud.Visit his Facebook page HERE
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February 18, 2018; Pastor Zeke Rodriguez, from My Friends House Ministries located in Phoenix Az. Pastor Zeke brings decades of experience and testimony to the Imperial valley. Not be missed. See his Facebook page HERE